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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Eight weeks home sweet home

It's only 8:34 and I'm exhausted. I blame it almost entirely on the baby. It really is true that you can't sleep through the night without getting up to pee at least three times. I'm hoping I can learn to do the whole process while staying completely asleep. My husband can do it so why can't I?? Yes, Alan sleepwalks. Did I mention that? He talks in his sleep and he sleepwalks. This is especially true when he's in a new environment or when he's really, really tired.

The first night we arrived in Georgia he was at my bedside asking me where the cake was. I told him there was no cake and to go back to bed. I don't think I woke up but I can't be sure. When we first got married it absolutely terrified me that Alan walked in his sleep. I thought, I'm going to have to keep this guy from jumping off the roof in the middle of the night or walking out into the middle of the street. I gave serious thought to whether I could live with a sleep walker. :) Fortunately for us both it didn't happen that often and the more it did happen the more I got used to it. Christine says Russ walks and talks and even sings in his sleep. It was rumored that he was found fully clothed singing Elvis tunes in the shower one night. :)

Anyway, the first few days in Georgia I was just worn out, tired. I think it was a combination of the last month catching up with me, jet lag and being 11 weeks pregnant. I couldn't do much of anything Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. I felt a bit better Friday and so was out most of the day running errands and then today we got the special treat of being able to go to see the Georgia Bulldogs play football. Happy and Lynn Dicks treated us along with me dad and uncle Ron from Pennsylvania. Aunt Polly, LeeAnne and Christine and Russ stayed home because we were only playing Idaho State and I don't think they were too interested.

After the game we went over to LeeAnnes for homemade chili and to watch more football. Sometimes I think Americans are obsessed with football. I like the bulldogs but no other team even slightly interests me. Ah well, it was fun playing with Lily Kate and Charlotte. They are soooooo precious and are growing up entirely too fast!

Tomorrow is Lily Kate's baby dedication following church and we'll have lunch after that together. Mom and Christine have put everything together and it sounds like it's gonna be nice. I think Alan and I will try a new Sunday school class tomorrow as well. Time goes back tonight for Daylight Savings time. Alan and I already experienced it once last weekend in England so technically we save "two" hours this year. Gotta love extra sleep!!

Well, I'll try to post about once a week while we're home if I can. We have lots to do for our mission to Pioneers while home but I'm enjoying the regroup, re-coop time that we've had here thus far. The baby is only 11 1/2 weeks old but he or she has really knocked me for a loop this last week. Hopefully things will improve soon. No matter what we are grateful for Gods gift and His provision in our lives. We are blessed.

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