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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The days are packed but filled with fun...

Leave it to the Abney clan to have something scheduled almost every single minute of every single day while we're here. Ok it's not that bad but it's pretty crazy nevertheless! :)

Today for example I need to do about ten things for Pioneers, go to Kohl's to buy some Christmas presents with my 30% off coupon and my Kohl's cash, meet Melody for lunch, play with my nieces this afternoon then make dinner for the family tonight. Yesterday I met Patti for breakfast, had language study for two hours with Brita, made lunch for dad and Alan back at the house, worked out with mom, watched Charlotte and Lily so Christine could catch up and then went to bible study. This weekend we are going to go to Elberton to help with the International Friends Thanksgiving meal at Lat and Linda's, teaching Sunday school on Sunday then driving to Walt Disney World for the Thanksgiving week.

Tomorrow I turn the big 4 0. It's so weird as you grow up thinking, what's it gonna be like when I turn 40 and now I know. It's absolutely no different from turning 39 or 38 or 37 or 36. You feel old in some ways but young at heart. You feel like you haven't even started your life yet. I'm going to be 40 and 13 weeks pregnant. Ahh - craziness! Although I've wanted to have a family for many years the whole idea of being pregnant kind'of freaked me out. Similar to turning 40 I guess but really being pregnant hasn't been that big of a deal. I've been tired and a bit sick, probably more emotional than normal although you'd have to ask Alan about that and I've gained about 3 pounds. My clothes fit differently but it's been fun picking out maternity clothes and not beating myself up when I'm actually starving at meals. Well starving is really a strong word so I'll say really, really hungry. When I play with Charlotte and Lily I think, hey I can do this but then I get to go home after only a few hours so probably it's going to be completely exhausting but totally rewarding but I'm looking forward to it.

Germany is something else. It's hard to get excited when you haven't found a place to live, you don't have all the support needed to go, you have so many logistics to work out you're not sure where to begin and oh yeah, you need to learn a completely different language in order to communicate. German lessons yesterday were hard. Brita kept saying, it's pronounced like this - not like how you're saying it and to be honest I couldn't hear any difference! Ah well, hopefully it will come with time. Sometimes I wonder if I'm ever going to feel settled in a place again. My whole life has felt like one big preparation for something else. I'm ready to plant some roots and maybe we can do that in Germany although being back home sure is nice!

Please keep us in your prayers over the next few weeks that things will come together. We are having a great time and the days are packed with fun but it's also a bit overwhelming just how many things are coming up. God has blessed us beyond words with loving family and friends, a great church and hope for the future. That's more than I can say for so many people so really we have nothing to complain about - only things to be thankful for.

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