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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Disney, Mission Conferences and a busy week ahead

Well the last week was really special for us. Alan and I were treated to five days down at Disney World over Thanksgiving and I got to take Alan to Epcot, Magic Kingdom and finally Animal Kingdom on Friday. I think we all loved Animal Kingdom the most. It was just amazing. It's like being on a real safari in Africa minus the 25 hour airplane flight. We also loved being with precious Charlotte and Lily Kate who are such amazing little troopers. We walked Charlotte all over the parks and she smiled and laughed and did her best to pose for about one thousand pictures. She especially enjoyed meeting the Disney Characters. We're hilarious as a family all taking pictures on five different cameras of exactly the same shot. It's not like we don't share photos in our family lol.

My birthday the week before was really special. I promise you I don't feel 40 years old so I prefer the 2nd anniversary of my 39th birthday. It's funny how you go your whole life wondering what turning 40 will be like and then it come and goes and it's really not a big deal at all! We drove down to Florida on Monday and drove back on Saturday in time to watch the Georgia/Georgia Tech football game. It was a close game with us scoring and then them scoring and we managed to pull it off in the end thank goodness. At least this gives us a hope of going to a bowl game at the end of the year.

Alan and I also had to prepare for a missions conference that was today at Watkinsville First Baptist. Alan and I spoke during both Sunday school services and other than me coming down with a cold overnight and having a sore throat we thought it went well. Since being home I've just rested and slept and so hopefully I'll feel better soon. I was sad to hear that my best friends grandma died this week. Fortunately she was 91 and has a really good life but I know it was sad for Vivian and for Melody and the family. I hated losing my grandma.

This week is busy with Alans birthday, Christine's christmas party at her shop in Madison and my baby shower on Saturday at the church. I still don't believe I'm pregnant but these constant pains I have remind me that something is definitely different with this body of mine! :) Today we were told by two different couples that we were having a boy. Maybe God will surprise us and it'll be a girl but I'm beginning to think a girl will have to be second :). Me thinking about our second child makes Alan laugh but you never know - God has certainly been good and faithful so far!

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