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Wednesday, 4 June 2014

34 days sober today...

I am 34 days sober today.  No not from alcohol but from something far worse in my opinion - SUGAR!  :)) I honestly believe sugar is not only something terrible for our bodies but it also generates so many unhealthy cravings, urges, uncontrollable it seems desires for carbohydrates mainly (which in turn make you crave more sugar!)  It's a never-ending, crazy cycle that I decided to attempt to stop by eliminating all sugars (except fruit - fresh and dried), all grains (including pastas, cereals, rice, etc.) and all alcohol.  I don't eat potatoes or bananas but I do eat meats, dairy, nuts, fruit and veggies and I drink only water and hot tea.  I've lost 13 pounds so far but the far greater change is in my mental/emotional outlook.  Do I miss chocolate and German bread?  Yes, sometimes but I hope that at least until I reach my goal weight (or close to it) that I can sustain this eating plan as much for my emotional health and not feeling controlled by cravings as for my physical health.  Thinking like an alcoholic really does help!

Before it was about counting calories or fat grams or just ensuring I ate only carbs in the morning.  It was about how much did I exercise and was it enough to counter that ice cream?  It was about why my husband and little sister can eat absolutely ANYTHING and still stay skinny.  My life revolved around food - mainly how to avoid it but then I felt deprived and the whole "why not me" thought process would start and I'd blow it.  Then I'd fast.  I started fasting twice a week eating only breakfast and then when that didn't keep the weight off I fasted the entire day.  I even fasted 3 days twice.  Yeah, still a no go.  They say as you get older your metabolism slows down and it's harder to lose weight.  This is fact.  At least for me. 

It wasn't until I started treating sugar (which is found is nearly everything) like alcohol and treating myself like an alcoholic did I begin to feel a shift. 

I'm only 34 days in.  My initial goal was 77 days but secretly I hope I can keep at this until I reach my goal weight.  Alan asked what that was and I said, "what I weighed in college".  This made him lol.  Maybe it's a little crazy to try to get back to that point but that's the one time in my life that I felt skinny and it would be nice to feel it again.  Even for a day! :)

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