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Friday, 15 February 2013

My three day fast - day 3

I think I might actually do it.  By God's grace and strength alone.  Fortunately He made me very determined to see things through once I start them so here I sit at 12:16** this afternoon having only had water and half a cup of tea with no sugar or milk.  I will have to admit to planning all the good things I'm going to have to eat tomorrow already though! :)

Last night as I was lying in bed hearing my stomach growl nonstop God brought to mind all the children around the world (and adults) that hear that sound EVERY night.  They don't eat because they are fasting.  They don't eat because they don't have ANY food!  I have a refrigerator and cupboards stocked full of food and three grocery stores within a 5 minute drive AND money in my pocket to buy food.  I am blessed beyond measure.  But am I blessed because I am special?  NO I am not.  I am blessed so that I might be able to use my resources to help others.  Not just hoard them for myself.  I told myself that tomorrow (now today) I would increase my donation to a missionary and organization we support in Africa that feed children.  Nice and good but is that only my intention or am I actually going to see it through?  Am I willing to sacrifice some of our food money each week so that someone else can eat that would otherwise go hungry?  Because as missionaries ourselves we don't have extra cash just lying around.  We have 150 Euros a week for food, diapers, gas (at $9.00 a gallon), toiletries, gifts, entertainment, etc.  But we do alright.  God looks after us and I buy everything possible on sale.  My point is, am I just going to be satisfied with thinking about doing it, maybe even having good intentions of doing it and then never follow-through?

That's the problem with most Christians.  Good intentions - poor follow through.  It reminds me of that story in Matthew chapter 21 where Jesus was talking about the father asking the two sons to go and work in the field.  The first says he won't go but then does and the second son says he will go but doesn't.  Jesus asks, "which of the two did what his father wanted?" and the chief priests and elders said, "the first".  So isn't that it?  God doesn't want our good intentions.  He wants our follow-through!  BTW - I just made that donation.  I'm tired of being a good intention person.  I want to be someone that follows through.  God blesses follow through I think.  So if you are blessed today beyond measure and you want to bless others with a gift of Gods love and generosity then I would ask you to really consider supporting some great organizations out there that need your help.  Here is a list we love:
Supporting children:!donate-here/cl9k

Supporting missionaries:

**Update: It is now 10:06pm and I've made it.  Heading to bed now.  It feels good to accomplish something I've always wanted to do but never thought possible.  God is good and He can help us do all things.  Without Him we are nothing.

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