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Monday, 22 March 2010

The love that God has grown

Today I made plans for Alans and my one year anniversary which is to fall on Easter this year. We have decided we want to drive to Germany as we both have such a love for the country and hope maybe to end up in ministry there one day. I think I've decided on Aachen. It looks like a romantic little town right over the border from Belgium. The first night we'll stay in Calais as we don't get into France off the ferry until around 9:30 with the time change. I'm surprised it's so expensive to take the ferry - nearly £132. That's crazy! :P That's like four hotel nights or more at a Formula One hotel. Alan introduced me to the Formula One hotel chain and I guess they are sort'of like our Motel 1's (we'll keep the light on for ya! haha) - very cheap but good for those of us that are currently out of work and heading to the mission field one day! :))

I find that every day in the last year I have fallen more and more in love with this man that God opened the heavens and dropped into my lap. That's not to say we haven't had our adjustments to make as we get used to being married, me being in a new country, new job, church, etc. but God has been so faithful to see us through those adjustments and we know our future is secure in His hands as well.

Now as we focus on the future we are seeking Gods will and we're excited about where He will lead. For the past couple of weeks we've been talking to representatives from Pioneers and it looks like an organization that may be one we'd consider joining full-time in the months and years ahead. We know we want to be in ministry together and we both have a love for Europe and Europeans so right now we're leaning toward either starting our own team in Germany or joining an existing Pioneers team in Vienna, Austria. Either way, we're not worried. God will guide our steps.

This weekend was good as we enjoyed Alans preaching on Lifting up your heads to the coming King. Alans parents and Linda joined us for church and then Richard joined in for lunch after church. Linda said she had never in her life been to a church like ours and I don't doubt that's true. She grew up in a very conservative Catholic church but probably hasn't been to church in 20 years I would guess. I simply don't understand how people can live their entire lives without the Lord. My life would be wasted without the Lord. I know that without doubt.

Little by little I'm adjusting to England, to Moreton, to the new culture. I love our church, our street, our neighbors and friends here. While I used to be good at just picking up and charging into the next great thing, it would be hard to leave those we've met here and grown to love over the last year. Well enough said about that until more plans are made. No reason to get the cart before the horse as they say back home! :)

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