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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Our latest supporter prayer note - January 2015

I am sitting here today praying and fasting over so many things.

On this, the 42nd anniversary of Roe vs. Wade I pray for the March for Life in Washington D.C. and for the Unborn Child Pain Protection Act which would outlaw late term abortions in America (one of only seven remaining countries in the world to do so).  I think about the politicians and how corrupt so many are and I pray for our President who promises to veto any such bill.  I pray for those who are coming to march and the 49 late term abortion babies who will die every day this year - most if not all, able to live viably outside the womb.  I pray for the doctors and the abortion clinic workers who are still so blind to the truth.  I pray they will quit and find life giving work elsewhere.

Whenever I think about abortion I think about being called by God to the country of Germany where another unspeakable holocaust occurred less than a century ago.  It was a holocaust against the Jewish people, the disabled, the less than Hitler’s perfect standard and I pray for continued restoration and healing for the German people.  I pray that with the influx of refugees that Germany doesn’t return to a country that doesn’t welcome anyone other than its own.  I think also of Israel and I pray for those that are suffering - for strength for the families, for the constant threat that they face and for their deep desire to live in peace with their Middle Eastern neighbors.  I pray as well for the flood of Jews returning to Israel in fulfillment of biblical prophesies.

I pray for the state of our world today and the pure evil that is seen in the news reports from the killings in Nigeria to the persecutions in Iraq and Syria to the murder of innocent school children in Pakistan.  I pray for those that don’t have the freedoms we have to live in comfort and peace – physically or spiritually.  I pray for the refugees that have come to seek a better home here in Germany and for the thousands that literally surround our area.  I pray for tolerance and better laws, for peace and for justice.  I pray for those who are struggling to assimilate into the German culture, to learn the language and to find work.  The great majority don’t know Christ nor his gospel and I pray to the Lord of the harvest that He will send more laborers into His harvest field because the workers are few.  I pray for opportunities in our German class to speak about God and how He has changed our lives.

I look and see the world around me and I pray for peace within myself.  That in the midst of so much work to be done I would always remember that Jesus is in fact returning and that truth and order will finally reign instead of chaos and lies.  We start to study the book of Revelation in our Monday night bible study next week and in the wake of world events it’s both frightening and awesome what lies ahead.  I pray for my non-Christian friends and family that the Holy Spirit would truly open their eyes so they could see truth before their time on earth is done.  Finally I pray for our marriage that is under constant spiritual attack and for the safety and protection of our little girl.  We pray together for wisdom to continue to raise her to love God and others.

Thank you for praying for and with us.  Thank you for standing with us with your support and for coming to our need regarding our recent deficit.  God saw fit to eliminate it by the end of 2014 which was such a miracle.   Thank you for being used by God to make that happen.  We focus now on the work to be done and continue to give God glory for all He has done and has yet to do.  We are so grateful for you!

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