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Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Our TMI team members

So I started these posts and didn't finish them.

Jay and Aden
Typical me.  Sorry about that! 

Now let me tell you about our team members that joined us this Christmas. 

Aden - spoke really good German!  Trying to convince him to come back to work with us LONG term!  Very kind, extremely hard worker.  Great kid. 

Hayden - quiet but hard worker.  Turns out he's a metal fan - I should have guessed that! He's entering YWAM in Australia which I think is awesome.

Chloe Lee and Tegan
Chloe Lee (yeah I'm not joking that was really her name!) - beautiful blond.  Loved cuddling with everyone but especially Morgan.  Her brother was also on the team.  She has a sensitive and sweet heart. Loves nutella but this is true for all the girls I think!

Tegan - great voice.  Wants to try out for X-factor in Australia.  I think she'd do great.  Loved listening to her sing and play the little banjo for worship services and the school assembly.  She'd never seen snow before she came to Germany. Hopefully she'll come back to Heidelberg to do a Venture program with us with a girlfriend of hers.  Waiting and seeing! :)

Tamzin - she reminds me of a cute puppy dog.  The youngest on the team at age 14.  She asked a ton of questions but extremely logical and helpful.  She had a good heart and was very open to doing anything asked.  Enjoyed hearing her share her testimony... finally!

Calvin, Tamzin, Jacinta and Travis
Calvin - Chloe Lee's brother which I didn't realize until at least a week into the trip.  Don't ask me how I didn't realize it because they look a lot alike.  The first thing I noticed about Calvin though was how polite and thankful he was for everything.  He worked hard, loved his sister and was a great addition to the team.

Talia and my Chloe Lee
Talia - I thought Talia was gorgeous - inside and out.  She really stood out to me when she helped to lead the kids program we did at the schools.  She was a sweet girl, funny, quiet.  A lot of things going on in her head I think!  She's going to be a great social worker one day...

Well that's it.  Short and sweet but we loved this team and miss them a LOT!

Tegan, Chloe Lee, Talia and Hayden

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