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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Our TMI leaders - Jacinta, Jay and Morgan

Morgan, Female Assistant Leader
Alan and I were blessed by the leaders God sent our way on the team this winter.  Morgan, a former five time TMI'er was the assistant leader of our team.  Morgan has a zest for life, loved loving on her team members and was a lot of fun to get to know.  She's cheeky (as the English say) and always up to something. :) She and I shared a lot of back and forth banter which I think we both enjoyed.  Morgan is 19 years old.

Jay - Male Assistant Leader

Jay and Morgan on the piano
Morgan and Jay
He's going to kill me for this one
Jay, who I met the first day is working with YWAM in Brisbane.  There are no coincidences with God and yet both he and I were surprised to find that he did his DTS with YWAM at the same time and place as my cousin Dusty from California.  Jay was quiet.  He didn't share much emotion but his testimony about his relationship with his earthly dad and his heavenly father probably touched me more than anyone's on the team.  He was gracious to forgive me when I got the town names messed up for his school program and he spent nearly two hours searching for the right location.  oops!  Jay is a great photographer and most of the pictures in this blog are courtesy of his picture taking abilities.  Jay is originally from New Zealand but is living in Australia now.  He hopes to return to NZ one day.
Jacinta - Female Head Leader

Jacinta was our head female leader and she was so easy going and great with the teens.  It's probably because this is what God has called her to do in New Zealand - devote her life to teenagers.  She works as a youth worker and isn't daunted by much.  She was always kind to us, very organized and willing to do just about anything.  She never once had a bad attitude and was easily able to keep the team in-line but also having a great time too.  I think New Zealand is very blessed to have her!

All in all, the three leaders above and our addition of Travis yielded a team that was well fed, worked incredibly hard and learned to love Jesus and others more over their time with us.  We'd welcome any of these leaders back again on another Teen Missions team or with Pioneers and pray God will bless them as they continue to serve Him with their talents, passions and futures.

Tamzin (team member) and Jacinta

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