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Monday, 15 July 2013

Our Edge Summer so far...

We've had a packed and crazy summer and it has been just as we expected it to be - a very rich, full and blessed one as well.  We've had a few hiccups along the way but nothing unexpected or beyond the loving touch of our savior.  Amazing opportunities have arisen like the lecture on origin for our coffee house social by our friend and one of the leading physical scientists in the world, Dr. Henry Schaefer.  We've also seen people come to know the Lord, be discipled and be encouraged.  For Alan and I that's what being a missionary is all about - evangelism, discipleship and encouragement or help to the local church.  We've been grateful for every preach, testimony, helping hand, grateful heart and German word learned. 

Thank you for those that have prayed and helped to make this summer happen.  We are especially grateful for the 2 individuals and 6 families that have each hosted one of our team members and a great body of believers at the CVJM who have welcomed and assisted and loved on us all.

We have three weeks remaining in our 8 week program with the US and Croatia Edgers.  Jonny, our UK Edger got here on the 4th of July and this was his Facebook status update today which I think sums up fairly well what we've been up to.   When the summer is over I'll post a ton of pictures but for now here are a few that I really like...
"Well it's been a crazy couple of weeks involving construction, street evangelism, translating, co-leading theological discussion groups, giving my testimony in German, painting, canoeing, singing in choirs, acting in plays, football, climbing mountains, speaking lots and lots of German and loads more. I'm being really stretched and pushed out of my comfort zone but I'm loving every minute of it :)

Having said all that, it's great to have today doing what I do best- studying books and preparing for upcoming events. What's the catch? The book I'm studying is the bible; the event I'm preparing for is next Sunday's church service when I'll be preaching... completely in german... *gulp* Prayers appreciated for that and for everything else :)"


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