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Monday, 14 January 2013

Please more purple bible again

No this is not just a strange title to a blog.  These are actually five words that my daughter Chloe can say now! :)  I know I tricked you by making you think this blog entry was somehow about purple bibles but now that you're here... lol

Chloe loves new words.  She says a new word almost every day.  This list of words was from this week but next week who knows! :)  She's a very clever little girl I think for growing up without any siblings.  Her best friend is a green frog who she calls her baby.  She can now identify nearly every body part including tummy, cheeks, knees, toes, fingers, nose, hair, eyes, mouth, teeth, head, arms.  In other news... she loves getting her legs and feet tickled just like her mom and she loves cheese.  Must be genetic! :)

It's great to be back in Germany getting into the groove of things again and making plans for the year.  Alan started to school last Monday and has done really well so far although it is tough going to class four hours a day every day.  Last week Chloe and I stayed home while he went and played mainly but two days we went to MOPS related events.  I've decided she's just growing up too fast for me to care much about the housework and that I should instead just enjoy her destroying block castles and zoo's I build, savor the tea parties and absolutely eat up the cuddles, snuggles, kisses and belly laughs.  I wouldn't trade this time with her for anything. 

Every day I thank God for the blessing she is in our lives.  I'd love to have a little brother or sister for her to play with (well secretly I just want another girl so I can dress her up in all the clothes Chloe never got the chance to wear!) but we're trusting that Gods timing will be perfect or that He'll show us we should foster or adopt instead.  Several of our friends are pursuing adoptions right now.  Personally I'd love to just start our own orphanage for children that otherwise would have been aborted so if you're looking for something to pray about, pray about how I can better serve the ProLife cause.  There simply isn't enough work at die Birke to keep me going. 

Last Thursday night I started the Screwtape Letters book study at the CVJM.  It was an intro night just learning a bit about C.S. Lewis and only three of us were there but I'm hoping a couple more come when we actually start the book this Thursday.  I was sorry to see so many who had originally said they were interested pull out at the last minute because they were too busy.  Still, everything is in Gods hands and we'll see what He has in store. 

Other than school for Alan, gearing back into things and unpacking from our trips, sorting out finances, playing with Chloe and starting the book study I was able to go to MOPS last Tuesday and to the Faithbook Club last Friday.  I enjoy the fellowship at both meetings even though I wish it were in German instead of English.  It would kind'of be like killing two birds with one stone that way.  Going to the health club is one way I find to study my German but other than that I don't get a lot of opportunities.  I guess I just need more disciple to study on my own at home.  Another prayer request! :)

Haven't heard much about the teams coming this summer or next winter other than they are coming.  When we have a better idea of how many are signed up we can try to sort out accommodations and details.  If you know of folks looking to do a GAP year somewhere or wanting to go on Edge, tell them to consider Germany.  We can customize a program for them and put them straight to work! :) 

On a final note we just wanted to thank those of you that pray for us on a regular basis and those that support us financially as well.  In the middle of November we were facing a deficit in our support account for 2012 of over $7000 and today it's less than $500 and that it might be even less once the final figures from the UK support come in.  Our God is an amazing and faithful God and He is our true provider and friend even when we doubt Him.  May we all remember how many times He's come through for us in the past to fill our hearts with peace and joy about the future while we focus our energies on today.

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