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Monday, 29 October 2012

A visit to the Deutsche Missionsgemeinschaft (DMG)

Today Alan and I paid a visit to the DMG or the Deutsche Missionsgemeinschaft which translates into English as the German missions fellowship.  We met with Monike, the mobilization coordinator and the director, Detlef Bloecher and then had a tour of their beautiful grounds and homes. Until recently we did not realize that DMG was located so close to us nor that they are partners with our missions organization, Pioneers.  Because Pioneers does not have a mobilization base in Germany, they partner with two organizations, one of which is DMG, to send Germany citizens out on mission to their teams around the world.  DMG has no "teams", only 400 plus missionaries that they have helped to mobilize and support to other partner organizations like Pioneers. Alan had heard of a place which hosted missionaries that was doing similar things to what we wanted to do long-term but it wasn't until about a month ago that we put 2 and 2 together to realize the organization he was talking about was the same organization that partners with Pioneers.

Anyway, we got contact information from the mobilization office for Pioneers Europe and setup a meeting to discuss how we might encourage/help/partner with eachother.  They were thrilled to know there was a Pioneers team in the area and we were excited to see that they have 62 years experience sending out missionaries around the world.  They certainly have plenty of experience, wisdom and guidance to help our fledgling ministry here get off the ground.

As an example these are some of the things DMG is engaged in currently:
  • Support for 400+ missionaries serving with over 100 partner missions organizations around the globe (as a comparison, Pioneers USA has 800 missionaries on the field today).
  • One year GAP like program for students within the DMG in Sinsheim.  Currently 8 students living, working and learning at their campus but they have hundreds that apply and have told us they will funnel applications to us as well for our GAP year type program we hope to kick off when the loft is finished at the end of next year (God willing!).
  • Multi-church prayer service - held on the 3rd Sunday of each month - which we hope to attend, especially now that we are thinking of moving closer to their neck of the woods.
  • Pre-field missionary training - given to all missionaries in mid or long-term service at their campus in Sinsheim.  Lasts approximately 2 months. 
  • Missionary hosting for those on furlough
  • Twice yearly mission conferences
Needless to say their work and their mission is impressive and we look forward to partnering with them in the months and years ahead. 

Here are some links you might find useful or interesting to check out:
Mission-net: Held every two years here in Germany:
Jugendmission: Young persons conference for Worldwide missions:

On a funny side note, Alan and I were running late to our meeting for a variety of reasons so I had to quickly change clothes to get out the door.  Unknowingly I put on a necklace and earrings to match my sweater only to be questioned by Alan 5 hours after returning home as to why I had two pairs of earrings on.  Yes, somehow I managed to put on TWO pairs of earrings without seeing, feeling or noticing that I already had a pair in my ears.  I said, "oh my gosh!  why didn't you say something earlier??"  He said he thought it was the new fashion.  How embarassing!!  They must think we're complete nutters although after meeting Chloe and see her nearly destroy the office where we were meeting I'm sure they just giggled and completely understood!

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