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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Ugh - in the top five worst things to ever happen to me...

Yesterday Alan and I decided to have a day of prayer and fasting to pray over our ministry here and our friends/family/supporters, etc. I was heading downtown to the University to spend the day talking to students while he watched Chloe at home but first I had to go to the health club I was joining and sign the contracts.

While there I decided (since drinks were ok on our day of fasting) that I would buy a protein shake to have on the bus downtown. I chose the strattiatella (sp?) which is basically like chocolate chip but instead of mixing it with ice they just use straight skim milk and this whey protein powder.

As most people that know me know, I love to have things really cold so I thought the best thing to do would be just to drink it fast so it wouldn't get hot. Mind you it was like a 16oz protein shake - huge! Still it tasted alright and I went down to the University to meet with the students.

About two hours later I became overwhelmingly tired - like I literally thought about climbing up on the table and falling asleep.

Then I felt like I was starving to death.

I called Alan and told him what was going on and I asked him to pray for me that I would not be so tired or so hungry and that I could continue to meet with students and share my faith with them, survey them about their beliefs, etc.

The night before I had felt an incredible amount of depression-like feelings, anger toward my husband for absolutely nothing and major, major homesickness. Alan and I agreed that it was spiritual attacks and that we should pray against them and sure enough after we prayed I felt a ton better.

Then this happened. Overwhelmingly tired, then starving like I hadn't eaten in weeks. About 10 minutes later I got this feeling that I was going to be sick. I just knew within the next 30 seconds I was going to throw up. Well the bathroom was about 500 yards away from where I was sitting and I still had to pack up my laptop and all my junk but for whatever reason it simply wouldn't go into my backpack and zip up so by the time I finally did get it all packed away I knew I wasn't going to make it to the bathroom.

I saw a set of double doors nearby leading out back and I ran for them but as I approached the first set of double doors I just projectile vomited all over them. All 16 ounces of that protein shake came out of me. I pushed through the double doors trying to get outside but the second set was locked so I ended up throwing up in my hands and all over my clothes, hair everything. WORST.MOMENT.EVER!!!!

Ugh, at this point I ran back to the bathroom and fortunately didn't pass too many people and was able to get myself cleaned up (relatively) and then I made my best attempt at cleaning the glass doors that I had destroyed. Unfortunately I think I only made it worse.

Smelling and tasting like puke is probably not the best way to continue to talk to students so I bought a pack of gum, got on the bus then then tram and then drove the 45 minutes home.

Alan was waiting for me and I was able to shower and sleep the rest of the day off and on and today I feel much better but talk about embarassing and such a horrible, horrible experience.

Do I think the physical things I went through yesterday were also spiritual attack? Yes I actually do. There's no doubt in my mind that my enemy does not want me sharing the hope that Jesus brings with the sweet atheist, catholic and buddhist I talked to yesterday nor the many atheists, agnostics, catholics, humanists, etc. that I've talked to in the last few weeks.

Still, Alan and I had a great prayer time together yesterday once I woke up from my nap and I felt God blessing me for going through it. Would I rather that not EVER, EVER happen again? Uhhh I think you can guess the answer to that. ICKY! :)

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