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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Taking the good with the things you wish you could change

I was going to title this "Taking the good with the Bad" but really the bad things aren't bad so to speak - only things I wish I could change. An example might help...

I love looking over to see my husband watching after Chloe, getting her setup on the sofa on her play mat, turning on Radio Mozart on his laptop so she can listen to classical music and hearing him comment about her smile. What I wish I could change is how long it takes me to tidy up after my darling husband and child every day just so I can find the things I need to work on and make sense of my day. I used to ask Alan to put his shaving cream away, put down the toilet seat, hang up his robe, close the doors to the wardrobe or the dresser and to wipe down the counters and the stove when he cleans the kitchen instead of just doing the dishes. Now, I just do it myself. Now don't get me wrong he does do a lot of amazing things that really help us as a family. He walks webster twice a day, vaccuums when it's desperately needed, he manages all the maintenance for the house and he has good intentions about keeping the car working. He also loves on me and encourages me, spends a lot of time with the Lord, genuinely wants to help and volunteers to serve others frequently and he loves our daughter to bits.

My point?? You've got to take the good with the things you wish you could change. Pray about those things that bug you but in the end - if you're the only one they bug, then just do them yourself. No matter what, fighting or arguing or letting the little stuff ruin your day or worse yet, your relationship, is NOT worth it. So often I see girls I used to work with get so uptight and angry over their boyfriends, fiance's or husbands not behaving as they would have them behave and who is the one that suffers the most? Usually, the girl. So, my advice? Give it up - take the good with the things you wish you could change and lighten up a little. So what if you spend a bit longer every day getting things tidy or you spend an evening alone while your better half goes out with his friends. In the end, what you have is worth so much more than losing it, isn't it?

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  1. Mary,
    We have the choice to live in peace and love or strife and rancor. We can rejoice in the blessings that others put in our lives or we can curse the difficulties. Being Christ-like and putting others first spreads the Kingdom of God; being self-centered advances the Kingdom of the world. We must resist the selfishness that pushes us to demand "our rights" and think of our responsibilities. Any sacrifices we could make pale compared to those He made for us. Your testimony here confirms what the Lord has been putting the same things on my heart with my family here. Thank you for that!
    Blessings to all three of you!