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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

6 weeks and counting...

Being pregnant for the first time at 40. Well, I can say it's been interesting. My first trimester I didn't have the nausea that most experience but I didn't feel "good" either. I remember being very tired almost all the time. I also had TERRIBLE pregnancy sinusitis. So bad so that I had to go to a specialist when I was home in Georgia for some relief. Unforunately he just took one look at me, and said "yeah you're pregnant so there's not much I can do." Ummmm thanks.

My second trimester was characterized by being up 3-4 times each night to go to the bathroom and to drink water. I have learned in my pregnancy at least that sleeping on my right side causes me to wake up much more frequently and it also causes me to become dehydrated while sleeping on my left side doesn't nearly as much. Why? I have absolutely no clue and I don't know if that's true for other mothers out there but it's what I've seen over the past 5 months or so.

The third trimester is just all about Chloe growing and kicking me constantly throughout the day, sitting on my diaphram (or at least it feels that way) so even breathing is sometimes difficult and just all over pains. That's not to mention the swollen feet and ankles which make me look like the elephant man! lol

Still, if I'm being honest I've been incredibly fortunate. My sister has experienced a LOT of sickness throughout her 3 pregnancies. She's due with her third two days before me but they've already scheduled a c-section for May 18th. Right now I am trying to do a natural birth but at my last checkup the doctor said Chloe was still breach (her head resting nicely on my ribs - ugh) and that if she didn't turn by 36 weeks there was little chance she would turn and so he would schedule a c-section for a week before her due date. That may mean that Chloe and Emma are born on the same day but we're still praying she'll turn so no plans as of yet.

Tonight Alan and I read up on breech babies and options for turning the baby. He had all along jokingly said that I could stand on my head for two hours each day and he knew Chloe would turn around and go figure if that's not one of things we found they suggest you do lol. 35 weeks pregnant weighing as much as I do standing on my head? Not going to happen lol. They also suggested Alan sing to Chloe below my belly button and that we put frozen vegetables up near her head as babies tend to hate cold and navigate to warmer places lol. We laughed as we read through all the homemade remedies. In the end we'll just trust God and if she turns then great and if she doesn't then we'll have the c-section.

We're almost there. It's only 6 weeks to go this upcoming Thursday and even less if the c-section is required. On Saturday I packed my suitcase and Chloe's bag for the hospital. I've got all the basic necessities that we need I think with a few small exceptions that I can pick up later. Chloe's room is pretty much ready besides needing to frame a few things my sister sent me and this is our last week of classes until after the birth.

Crazy, crazy, crazy. I still can't believe we're pregnant at 40 and 47 respectively. Only God could have come through for us as He has and we are so thankful to all of you that prayed for us that we would get pregnant. I can't wait to be a mom to a little girl and Alan is sooo looking forward to being a dad. The whole baby thing, breast feeding, first aid, what you do when your baby won't stop crying and you don't know what's wrong, etc. still freaks me out but I've been told by some very reliable sources (mom, best friend, sister) that it'll all come natural after Chloe is here. I sure hope so or you guys are in big trouble!


  1. This is so exciting!!!! :) I am praying for yall!

  2. so glad to read about all this! you WOULD notice a difference laying on your right side verses your left! that's so weird! can't wait to meet the pretty girl! when will you bring her over?!

  3. This is so exciting to read about as Chloe gets closer and closer to entering this world!!!